Camden Advisory


 Camden Advisory partners have completed or monitored in the recent years a wide range of services and transactions, some of which listed below: 

Public Private partnerships 

  • Member of World Association of PPP units and Professionals Executive Committee, head of Editorial Board
  • Special advisor, PPP unit, Madagascar
  • Long term advisor to the PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance, Morocco
  • Financial advisor to the PPP Unit, Jordan (project funded by European Union)

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • disposal of a publishing house (USD 18 mln)
  • acquisition of a strong alcohol brand (USD 200 mln)
  • acquisition of a rail transport business (USD 300 mln)
  • acquisitions policy of a major agribusiness operator
  • valuation of a French agribusiness operator for a potential acquirer

  Fund raising 

  • biogas, Italy
  • wind farm project, Romania
  • solar power plant, Turkey
  • refinery project, Estonia
  • advisor for pipe line extension in Ukraine/Poland (USD 300 mln) 
  • construction material plant (USD 150 mln)
  • mixed use real estate complex St Petersburg (USD 500 mln)
  • business plans for 3 telecom start-up projects
  • entertainment complex (USD 20 mln)
  • 5 stars hotel South Russia (USD 30 mln)
  • industrial coatings plant (USD 10 mln)
  • pre-feasibility studies for municipal gas networks repair in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan)
  • pre-feasibility study for district heating in Uzbekistan 
  • fertilizer plant in Middle-East (1bn USD)

 Strategic Advice 

  • expansion of an international fast-food franchise 
  • restructuration of a major perfume and cosmetics chain
  • restructuration of a publishing house 


  • thermal power plants
  • solar power plants
  • retail businesses
  • real estate
  • hospitality
  • construction industry
  • media
  • toll road